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Don’t Let Samba Die [Pure DSD]

David Yengibarian, Eva Alekszandrovna

Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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This is a Pure DSD 256 Stereo release. Recorded to Stereo DSD 256, it is made available in other DSD bit rates created in the DSD Domain using the Signalyst HQ Player 4 Pro mastering tools by NativeDSD Mastering Engineer Tom Caulfield. This album is available exclusively in Pure DSD at NativeDSD. It is not available on SACD.

I truly believe that everything in life happens at the right time. When it has to happen. That is how I view my acquaintance with David. When I moved back to Budapest from Lisbon I started to feel more and more that I missed singing, and I need to have music in my life to heal myself and maybe later to heal others as well. It took me years to make this decision because I never had enough confidence. I felt like I was not good enough and always measured myself against other singers. I just saw them as much better than me. I remember the moment when I decided that I can not wait any longer and I texted David who was recommended to me by a friend of mine. I sent him a long message to introduce myself and explained that I am not a professional singer. I hoped he could suggest a student of his but his answer was just: “Call me tomorrow and let’s give it a try!”. Of course, I was terribly nervous when we met for the very first time. I was not even sure that I would be able to sing. But this feeling passed right after the first song we played. It was just great and we were playing one more and one more just like we were playing together for a long time. That is how our friendship and musical journey started. He could feel exactly from the very first time that I needed some support to get my confidence and believe that I am good enough. I can never thank him enough.

It is such a huge gift from life to find someone with whom you can play your favourite songs simply for the joy that music can bring. I think this is our secret. That there is nothing forced. We are playing only those songs what we both love and enjoy. There is something about Brazilian samba that I can not describe in words. You need to feel it. That is why I am sure that it was a good decision that I didn’t try to sing these songs before. I used to go through on many things in my life to get this music under my skin. Of course, I know that I still have to learn a lot and I am still wondering if it is really happening with me but David and the audience makes me trust that I am awake and it is not just a dream that I am doing what I always wanted to do with one of the greatest musicians I ever met. I was already feeling blessed when I was invited last year to sing two songs on the new album of David’s trio but I could never imagine that we would get the chance to record a whole album with full of Brazilian songs. Thank you David for believing in me and thank you to Hunnia Records & Film Productions for giving us the chance to record this new album.
I feel that my grandmother is smiling from Heaven.

Eva Alekszandrovna, Vocals
David Yengibarian, Accordian


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Não deixe o samba morrer (Don’t Let Samba Die)
Beija flor (Hummingbird)
Preciso me encontrar (I Need to Find Me)
Juízo final (Doomsday)
Já era tempo (It Was Time)
Menino sem juízo (Boy Without Judgement)
Um samba de saudade (A Samba of Yearning)
O que será a flor da pele (What Will Be the Flower of the Skin)

Total time: 00:52:25

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Original Recording Format

Release DateSeptember 20, 2022


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