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Personal Letter from Gonzalo Noqué

Dear DSD Friends,  

Schubert & Schumann by pianist Javier Laso is a pure DSD release with no conversion to DXD. All DSD bit rates were created in the DSD Domain. It is a ‘one mic per channel’ recording.

I can honestly say that this project is the one I’m most proud of to date. It is not only one of the best sounding albums I’ve done, but above all else, the performances are otherworldly. Javier Laso is simply a genius. 

Javier Laso

Let me first quote the great Josep Colom, who has written the fantastic accompanying album notes: “Javier Laso is inspired”, for “he connects directly with the music. A music which shows us a mysterious place which extends beyond the vicissitudes of life and only a performer who sees that place can reveal it to us.” I think Colom has beautifully summarized the greatness of Javier Laso’s playing. There is something that transcends the technical and even the musical side. There is a profound and deep spiritually side in his performance that connects directly with these masterpieces’ core message. 

On a more, let’s say, “superficial” view, there is a subtlety and poetry in his playing that is deeply moving and rare. When listening to him, I don’t hear a piano anymore, I simply hear what lies beyond the music.

I thank NativeDSD for this opportunity to share my feelings about this album. I really hope you enjoy and feel the profoundness of this album, especially in these changing and challenging times.   

– Gonzalo Noqué
Producer & Recording Engineer, Eudora Records

Written by

Gonzalo Noqué

Gonzalo is the Producer/Engineer at Eudora Records


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