5 Tracks in DSD 512, Volume 2 (2020)

Ogasawara, Gershwin, Leclair, Elias, Barroso


DSD 512 Exclusive

Just A Year Ago

In April 2019, NativeDSD introduced a unique sampler of 5 tracks from some of the best sounding albums in our catalog during the High End Munich audio show. It included tracks from artists including The Feenbrothers, classical guitarist Ricardo Gallen, violinist Rachael Podger, the Yuko Mabuchi Trio and Les Chat Noirs, a fine Django Jazz/Swing/Vocal group. The participating music labels included Sound Liaison, Eudora, Channel Classics, Yarlung, and Forward Music Italy.  

To make the sampler really special, NativeDSD Mastering Engineer Tom Caulfield used the Signalyst HQ Player Pro 4 software to remodulate each of these tracks into Stereo DSD 512.  This was done with the special “EC” modulators developed by Jussi Laako for this professional mastering and conversion product.

Why DSD 512?

The sonic advantage to these Stereo DSD 512 tracks, as with all higher DSD bit rate releases, is the playback Digital to Analog Converter’s use of gentler, more phase linear reconstruction filters and algorithms in the Digital to Analog Conversion (DAC) process and playback of the music. Recordings, regardless of their origin, sound better on DACs which use Sigma-Delta modulators (the vast majority of current consumer DACs) as their conversion element.  They're less aggressive, more spacious, and less "digital" sounding.

A Big Reception

What came next was immediate. Rave reviews from AXPONA led to strong sales of the original 5 Tracks in DSD 512 sampler. Listeners immediately asked NativeDSD for the opportunity to buy the full albums with each of these 5 tracks. These 5 albums also sold quite well in Stereo DSD 512. 

Next, our listeners asked for more albums in Stereo DSD 512. NativeDSD began searching our catalog for some candidates for DSD 512 release. Next, NativeDSD held discussions with additional music labels to see if they would be interested in releasing some of their albums in DSD 512. They were. 

As we release Volume 2 in April 2020, NativeDSD offers over 160 albums in Stereo DSD 512. And the requests continue for more DSD 512 releases. Not only from listeners, but from the artists and the music labels as well. 

It’s Time for Volume 2

Stepping back for a moment, the NativeDSD team thought, it’s probably time to release a second edition of 5 Tracks in DSD 512. We now have a fine catalog of music in DSD 512 to select from and we’re always anxious to highlight more of the fine musicians, music labels and sonic standouts in our NativeDSD catalog with over 1,700 DSD releases. 

We’re delighted to present to you 5 Tracks in DSD 512, Volume 2. This time with a new line up of artists including vocalist Eden Atwood from Groove Note, guitarist and singer David Elias from Sketti Sandwich Productions, the unique pairing of Wu Wei with Holland Baroque from Pentatone, pianist Monaldo Braconi with the Ferentino Wind Orchestra conducted by Alessandro Celardi on VDM Records in Italy, and Ikumi Ogasawara from Vivid Productions Ltd.  Fans of fine music in DSD 512 are going to love these 5 new tracks – and will want to consider purchasing the full albums of each of these artists in DSD 512.

Music Selection & Liner Notes by Brian Moura 
With Special Thanks to Tom Caulfield at the NativeDSD Mastering Lab and Jussi Laako at Signalyst

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Ikumi Ogasawara

Ikumi Ogasawara is a well-known pianist, arranger, and composer based in Japan. She composed the NHK Evening News opening theme and many others. Her music is featured on numerous TV shows and commercials.

Ikumi performs at concerts playing music for parents, children and the whole family. She also conducts concerts, lectures and music events all over Japan.


Monaldo Braconi

Monaldo Braconi was born in Rome, where he studied at the S.Cecilia Music Conservatoire, graduating with top marks and honors. He has perfectioned with Massimiliano Damerini, Oleg Malov (at the Rimskij-Korsakov Music Conservatoire of Saint Petersburg), Riccardo Brengola (at the Accademia Chigiana of Siena), Sergio Pericaroli e Felix Ayo (at the Accademia Nazionale S.Cecilia of Rome), getting important awards everywhere.

He collaborates with important ensembles such as the “Quartetto della Scala” and solist like Simonide Braconi, Francesco Bossone, Gabriele Geminiani and Alessandro Carbonare. He collaborates with important abroad orchestras like the Saint Petersbourg Philharmonic Orchestra, the Saint Petersburg State Academic Orchestra, the Rostov on Don Philharmonic Orchestra and etc. He has received wide public support everywhere and has registered numerous radio and television recordings, either as soloist either as in ensemble.

He was invited to collaborate with the Accademia Nazionale S.Cecilia of Rome and the Accademia Chigiana of Siena as collaborating pianist.

Holland Baroque

Free of fuss and convention, Holland Baroque Society takes to the stage with a variety of programmes. Baroque music is the key, but these musicians build bridges to other styles and arts. Balanced between tradition and renewal, they pursue the topicality of musical experience. In recent years Holland Baroque Society has collaborated with prominent Baroque musicians including Paolo Pandolfo, Quatuor Mosaïques, Emma Kirkby, Milos Valent and Hidemi Suzuki, and with composer Nico Muhly, singer and song- writer Teitur and jazz trumpeter Eric Vloeimans.

For this innovative approach the ensemble was awarded the Kersjes Prize and the VSCD Classical Music Prize in 2008, and more recently the Diapason d’Or 2012. It has brought Holland Baroque Society to all sorts of venues, from the Vienna Konzerthaus to the Amsterdam pop temple Paradiso, and from Vredenburg concert hall in Utrecht to the World Exhibition in Shanghai.

There are more projects under preparation, with Porgy Franssen, Marcus Creed, Giora Feidman, Amandine Beyer, Calefax Rietkwintet, Cappella Amsterdam, Orkater and Sergio Azzolini. Holland Baroque Society has invested just as much ambition and energy in countless Kids Only concerts and educational projects, through which thousands of children have made acquaintance with classical music. The aim is to give them a pure listening experience, and this produces pure reactions like “I’d never heard of those sunny instruments before.”

David Elias

David’s original work and contributions as a pioneer in the unsigned artist’s world of self-produced CD’s put him in front of the folk community nationally and worldwide at an early Internet age (1995). He achieved numerous and frequent #1 charting on various large musical web communities such as MP3.com, Besonic, SoundClick, Mixposure, and IndieHeart.com (currently #1 artist for most plays) as well as others.

Not restricting his exposure to online outlets (breaking ground with CD Baby in 1998 and eventually Amazon, iTunes and 50+ others) David also attracted the discriminate audiophile community as an innovator in hi-def 5.1 surround sound recordings (SACD’s “The Window”, 2003 and “Crossing”, 2005). This met with industry recognition for excellence, including the Brutus award from Positive Feedback Online for both SACD’s.

David’s songwriting achieved early recognition from the likes of Billboard magazine (honorable mention folk award in 1998) and hundreds of reviews and comments online from fans, musicians and industry professionals. He has been compared to many great songwriters ranging from Jim Croce to Nick Drake to Tom Petty to Dan Hicks to Arlo Guthrie to Bruce Cockburn, Paul Simon, Dylan, Neil Young, among numerous others. His productions continue to be recognized for their outstanding articulation and impact, both lyrically, musically and sonically. He has indeed been referred to as both musician’s musician and a songwriter’s songwriter.

It is somewhat challenging to try to characterize the scope and impact of David’s work either chronologically or in a complete fashion. Working as an independent artist for 15 years, he has been part of the dawn of many new discoveries in music and DIY approaches to sustaining art. Performing in the vicinity of 1000 shows, give or take, since 1994 and teaming up with dozens of different casts of characters from the deep roots of the Irish and Scottish to the quietude or rants of Americana and folk to the eclectic, bluegrass, rock and pop realms of those such as Jane Siberry (Issa), Sally Van Meter, and Roger Powell, David has spun many homegrown musical tales for the environment, local education and businesses, benefits galore, art shows, fairs and festivals, warehouses and lofts, beach parties, pubs and eateries, music halls and local cafes not to mention his own 8 released recordings and endless other collaborations. Perhaps it is summarized best as one fan online wrote: “…music for the heart and soul”.

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5 Tracks in DSD 512, Volume 2 (2020)

Ogasawara, Gershwin, Leclair, Elias, Barroso


    NativeDSD Listener

I just played this album. Absolutely fabulous and stunning sound.

Michael Wadge

5 Tracks in DSD 512, Volume 2 (2020)

Ogasawara, Gershwin, Leclair, Elias, Barroso


Cables: AudioQuest
Digital Converters: EMM Labs ADC-8, Horus and Hapi, Merging Technologies
Headphones: Spirit Torino, Grado
Mastering Engineer: David Glasser, Airshow Mastering, Gus Skinas, Super Audio Center, Igor Fiorini, Kengo Nishimoto, Tom Caulfield at Native DSD Mastering Lab (DSD 128, DSD 256, DSD 512)
Mastering Room: Sonoma DSD Workstation, Stenheim Loudspeakers, Spectral Audio Amplifiers, Lipinski Sound A707 Grand Monitor Speakers + L401 Power Amplifier, PSI Audio A21, Signalyst HQ Player Pro 4 Mastering Software
Microphones: AKG C-12, C-12A, Charter Oak Pro Audio, DPA Microphones, Neumann M-50, M-149, M-150 in Decca Tree, M-249, U-47FET, U-67, Sony C55p, Sennheiser 441, 421, Shure SM 7
Producer: Joe Harley, David Elias, Charlie Natzke, Carl Schuurbiers, Igor Fiorini, Kengo Nishimoto
Recording Engineer: Michael C. Ross, Jean-Marie Geijsen, Damiano Cosimo, Kengo Nishimoto
Recording Location: Record One in Sherman Oaks, CA, May 25-29, 2002, Slipperworld.Net in La Honda, CA on December 14, 2004,
Recording Software: Sonoma DSD Workstation, Pyramix, Merging Technologies
Recording Type & Bit Rate: Analog, DSD 64, DXD, DXD (384 kHz)

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NDSD015: 5 Tracks in DSD 512, Volume 2
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Brazil - From 'Waves - The Bossa Nova Session' GRV1012 Groove Note
00:06:09   N/A
Summer Wind - From 'Acoustic Trio DSD Sessions' SSP110413D64 Sketti Sandwich Productions
00:05:49   N/A
Violin Sonata in G Major, Op. 1 No. 8: III. Gavotte - From 'Silk Baroque' PTC5186800 Pentatone
00:03:51   N/A
Concerto in Fa: Allegro agitato - From: 'Simply? George' VDM03855042 VDM Records
00:07:23   N/A
Tears of Joy - From 'Tears of Joy' VVDHR005 VIVID Productions
00:03:13   N/A

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