Gábor Csordás

Gábor Csordas is a jazz pianist whose music is influenced by many modern trends.

He is mostly active with the formation of two trios, the Hungarian Gábor Csordás trio and the international Swansong trio. The characteristics of his music are harmonic freshness, catchy melodies and unexpected rhythmic solutions.

Gábor’s compositions are rooted in the European musical tradition, but they also often wink towards jazz-rock, funk, or fusion music. However, they are always characterized by being emotionally united and offering easy points of connection to the listeners.

In 2019, he toured in Japan, in 2022 and 2023 in Germany, and is planning his first performances in China in 2023. The debut album of the Csordás Trio “Chasing a dream” won the 2022 Jazz Piano Album of the Year award from NativeDSD Music.

In 2019, at the Bujtor film festival, Egodetox c. his music for the film won the best soundtrack award.

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