Groove Note Records

Groove Note Records is an audiophile label specializing in High Quality Jazz, Blues, Vocalists and a Classical Music Trio. The albums include Jazz, Pop, Rock, Soul and Classical music recorded in an intimate setting with some of the top studio session musicians based in Los Angeles.

Groove Note was started by Ying Tan, one of the original founding members of Classic Records. Groove Note features some of the finest artists in Jazz, Blues, Vocals and Classical music including Jacintha, Anthony Wilson, Vanessa Fernandez, Eden Atwood, Bennie Wallace, Bill Cunliffe Trio, Lauren White, Roy Gaines and Luqman Hamza.

NativeDSD Music is excited to bring you 30 albums, recorded to Analog Tape and DSD, by the team at Groove Note. The albums have been produced by Ying Tan and Joe Hartley and engineered by Michael C. Ross.

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Love Flows Like A River


From Analog Tape

Whole Lotta Love – Rock Out Version (DSD Single)

Vanessa Fernandez