Gearing Up for AXPONA 2024 with LINKWITZ (Part 1)

This year at AXPONA 2024 our music will still be presented in collaboration with – More specifially, they will be showcasing a number of One Microphone Recordings from our catalogue. If you are attending the show you can find them in Suite 1421. LINKWITZ’s CEO Frank Brenner has the following to say about the upcoming show…

We have created a special album from the music demonstrated at AXPONA 2024!

The atmosphere at AXPONA in Chicago, from April 12th to 14th, buzzes with excitement as music lovers and experts convene to experience the ultimate in high-fidelity audio. At the core of this sound spectacle is’s showcase in suite #1421, a symbol of commitment to acoustic excellence. The all analog LX521.4MG reference systems, the reference loudspeaker system for natural 3D soundstage presentation.

Enhancing this sonic exploration, collaborates to provide recordings that embody the essence of music. On Friday Apr12th, we would like to feature especially their single microphone recordings, that  guarantee the sounds authenticity, maintaining its natural quality, delicate details, and the artists’ expressiveness. This year’s presentation at AXPONA will highlight this recording method for its benefits like phase coherence, impeccable imaging, depth, and unmatched realism. For some sound engineers, traditional mixing is obsolete. They craft the sound stage in real time, carefully positioning each instrument relative to the microphone. This single-microphone approach eliminates phase errors and produces a natural, expansive soundstage—a perfect match for the LX521.4MG’s deep and authentic sound presentation capabilities. Don’t miss this experience at AXPONA’s suite #1421!

Enjoy the live-like rendering of these recordings:

‘Dream Dancer: The Music of Cole Porter’
Gidon Nunes Vaz Trio
Sound Liaison

‘Nature Boy’ [DSD Single]
Evening Sky feat. Leland Brown
NCM East Records

Furthermore, a series of talks, on Saturday, Apr. 13th in the LINKWITZ parlour invites guests to enjoy superior sound and gain insights from industry experts (GRAMMY winners). The planned talks will cover topics from sound recording techniques to the artistry of music production. This is a unique opportunity to learn from the best and understand the art of creating the perfect sound. To reserve a spot, click HERE.

AXPONA is a celebration of sound, a place where music enthusiasm meets audio technology’s peak. It’s an event for audiophiles of all levels to revel in a tribute to musical art and acoustic science. Join this extraordinary event and let your passion for music harmonise with the pinnacle of sound innovation.

Frank Brenner, CEO,

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