Album of the Year 2023
Pure DSD

Autumn Rain In A Secret Garden [Pure DSD]

Csaba Pengo

Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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2023 NativeDSD Album of the Year – Jazz Solo Instrumental

Autumn Rain In A Secret Garden from Double Bass player Csaba Pengo is a Pure DSD 256 album. It is exclusively available at NativeDSD in its original recorded format of Pure DSD 256 Stereo, as well as Pure Stereo DSD 512, DSD 128, and DSD 64. It is Not available on SACD.

It is a very difficult task to prepare for a recording that requires so much energy and attention. As this is not the usual recording with a thousand cuts and replays but follows the classical recording method (rehearsing at home, recording in the studio), it requires a very high level of preparation from the performer. Since it is a solo performance, the situation is made even more difficult by the fact that there is no other instrument to rely on, even if only for a short time.

You can hear every little noise from the bass, so the whole piece must be played with the utmost attention, and if that attention is distracted for as little as a moment, you need to start the recording again. In this case, two and a half studio days were allotted for the twelve pieces, which proved sufficient time for the recording. Some compositions were recorded on the second time, some on the fifth, and some on the first. It was a great help that my friend, László Gazdag, who also made my first album, gave me maximum support during the studio work, for which I am really grateful to him.

I knew that the “stimulus rich” home environment would make it very difficult to prepare for the studio session. I would have been able to practice only as a sideline to the daily chores at home, and directing my thoughts in one direction would not have been effective. So, I rented a small cottage in the countryside, in a lovely little village called Tiszasas. Here, in the undisturbed, quiet countryside, I could really concentrate on the music. I systematically went through the songs. I picked one, recorded it, listened back, corrected it, and then checked it again after replaying it. This is a very tedious, labor intensive and attention- demanding process of practice but in this environment, it became a focused and passionate creative process.

Csaba Pengő, Double Bass


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Contemplation Suite, Part I. Long Marriage
Contemplation Suite, Part II. Winter Field
Contemplation Suite, Part III. Peace
Contemplation Suite, Part IV. Mayfly
Contemplation Suite, Part V. Autumn Rain In A Secret Garden
Contemplation Suite, Part VI. Ruins Of Numantia
Contemplation Suite, Part VII. LuNá - Broken Thread
Island Street
Chain Gang
Eastern Europe Express

Total time: 00:40:03

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Original Recording Format

Release DateJuly 28, 2023

Press reviews

Positive Feedback

This is an excellent set of performances on solo double bass, composed and performed by the artist who built the instrument. Recorded directly to DSD256, with no PCM editing, this album captures the timbre of the double bass more accurately than any in my music library. The only downside is that it is very closely miked, but this means that every subtle detail is superbly captured. Due to the large dynamic range, the recording was made at quite a low gain setting compared to what one may be used to, so be prepared to turn the volume up a bit if your system can handle it.

Sonically, this recording will be a true test of your audio systems’ ability to handle transients (the percussive strikes on the body of the instrument will be quite challenging), to resolve subtle detail, to accurately reproduce the resonant decay of the strings, string overtones, and the detail contained in deep resonating bass strings and wood instrument body. My guess is that many systems will not be up to the challenge of reproducing the full range of sonic complexity captured in this recording.

Musically, the compositions are a nice mix of classical, jazz and world music influences synthesized into a very personal set of expressive explorations of this superb sounding instrument. Highly recommended!


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