Into Eternity

Belinfante Quartet, Bella Adamova, Jacobus Thiele, Marion von Tilzer, Maya Fridman, Michael Hesselink

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Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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At the heart of Into Eternity is a musical triptych inspired by a letter written by Vilma Grunwald saying goodbye to her husband just moments before she and her son John were killed in the Auschwitz gas chamber.

It is a story of absolute sadness, yet it speaks to us of the human capacity for love, it speaks of courage, trust and confidence as told by a woman facing her death in the Holocaust. Vilma shines a light on the very core of what it means to accept circumstance without losing the belief in life’s beauty or hope in its goodness — trusting wholeheartedly that love carries us through and beyond the end.

When composer and pianist Marion von Tilzer became aware of Vilma’s moving letter, she immediately felt inspired to set it to music. The composition has three movements: Out of the Dark, The Letter of Vilma Grunwald, and Hajej, můj andílku, an arrangement of a traditional Czech lullaby.

Through this music, the voice of Vilma Grunwald resonates once again. Around the triptych, which forms the core of the album, Marion created five more compositions. All eight pieces are related to the contrast between dark and light, which in the last piece Into Eternity dissolves into shimmering sounds of bells and piano.

Into Eternity is available in Stereo & 5 Channel Surround Sound DSD 256, DSD 128, DSD 64, DXD 24 Bit plus Stereo DSD 512 & DXD 32 Bit at NativeDSD.

Marion von Tilzer, Compositions & Piano
Bella Adamova, Contra Alto
Maya Fridman, Solo Cello
Michael Hesselink, Clarinet
Jacobus Thiele, Percussion

Belinfante Quartet
Olivia Scheepers, Violin
Fiona Robertson, Violin
Henrietta Hill, Viola
Pau Marquès i Oleo, Cello


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Out of the Dark
Vilma Grunwald's Song
Hajej Mui
From the Blue Planet: Song for Mira
I Heard This in My Dream
The Day the Light Came
Girl Finds A Bright Spot in a Dark World
Into Eternity

Total time: 00:52:17

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Original Recording Format

Release DateApril 28, 2023

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Positive Feedback

I keep up with new releases from TRPTK and will obtain them without hesitation as they are released. The music is always interested and well performed, the artists are exceptional, and the sound quality is in the very top echelon of what is possible today. I’d been watching the social media posts about this coming album of music by Marion von Tilzer and was intrigued. That the album included among it’s performers the ever wonderful cellist Maya Fridman just heightened by interest to hear it. And I am more than pleased to finally hear the album. It is delightfully beautiful and thought provoking.

In listening to this album, I encourage you to find your quiet, dark, happy space and distance yourself from all distractions. When I did this, the music simply drew me in, enveloped me, and totally engaged my mind and spirit. I don’t often say this of recordings, but this is one that fully rewards the effort.

All of the works are compositions of Marion von Tilzer, a musical triptych inspired by a letter written by Vilma Grunwald saying goodbye to her husband just moments before she and her son John were killed in the Auschwitz gas chamber. These are sad, sweet, haunting songs for the most part, beautifully sung by contralto Bella Adamova or vocalized by cellist Maya Fridman. Several are instrumental only. The instrumental accompaniment is diverse, with Von Tilzer on piano, Fridman on cello, and a string quartet, clarinet, and percussion joining on various tracks. An incredibly excellent sounding combination of talents to pull this off so successfully.

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    Mesmerizing music. Dreamy. Beautifully played. Gorgeously recorded and processed, as are all NativeDSD TRPK albums in my collection. The Day the Light Came may be my favorite track, but all are good.

    Highly recommended!

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