Yarlung Records – 10th Anniversary Vol. 4

Antonio Lysy, Ciaramella Ensemble, David Fung, Janaki String Trio, Petteri Iivonen, Sophisticated Lady Jazz Quartet

Original Recording Format: Analog Tape
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Note from Bob Attiyeh:

“An anniversary as important as our tenth offers us a moment to reflect on this past decade and our struggles and successes.  We realize more than anything that it is the quality of the music and the talent of Yarlung’s musicians that have enabled Yarlung to thrive.  We want the audio presentation to be like a clean window, which does not distract from the beautiful “view” on the other side.  An example of this was Antonio Lysy at The Broad: Music from Argentina, which won our first GRAMMY Award and was ranked in The Absolute Sound as one of the 40 Best recordings of all time.  If you haven’t heard it yet, take a listen to Graciela, track 3 in volume 3, which includes the same music as on our vinyl pressing of Te Amo, Argentina.  Or check out two tracks that have become audiophile test recordings, with all the bells and whistles that people like to use to audition equipment at audio shows.  One is Diego Schissi’s Juego de Relojes in volume 1 and another is JJ Kirkpatrick’s improvisation on Strange Fruit in volume 3. The NativeDSD community is our musical family and we make these DSD recordings for you. Chime in and let us know how this music sounds on your system. Thanks for your support during Yarlung’s first decade! We look forward to the future.”

Yarlung Records was born in 2005, with an auspicious release for Australian pianist David Fung. Thanks to David’s talent and
the success of the musicians with whom we have collaborated over the past 10 years, Yarlung Records has thrived. Thanks also
to important guidance from leaders in the music industry, generous board members and visionary executive producers, Yarlung
has survived and grown. We were told we couldn’t do it, that record labels were dead, that few people paid for music anymore
and that MP3s and earbuds had deafened people to recorded music’s subtle details. While it is true that young people spend
more of their discretionary money on interactive computer games today rather than on 78s, LPs, CDs and downloads, as prior
generations have done, connoisseurs remain steadfast in their support of the recording arts. When they learn about Yarlung’s
mission, more people responded enthusiastically than with discouragement. Executive producer Ann Mulally supported our
first nonprofit album, a debut recording with the young American pianist Orion Weiss, and it is through her generous support, friendship and engagement that we bring you this 10th Anniversary album. Many thanks, Ann. Please join our musicians as we blow out the ten candles on this birthday cake. We will make ardent wishes for the next decade.


Violin Sonata No. 3 in D Minor Op 108
watch me vanish, watch me?
String Trio Mov II. Obstinate Spaces
Nocturne in C sharp Minor op. post.
Tan Dun Eight Memories in Watercolor: Mov I. Missing Moon

Total time: 00:33:18

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Original Recording Format

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Analog to DSD256

Release Date September 4, 2015


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