Pitch Black (2017)

Monza, Pergolesi, Gallo, Wassenaer, Parisotti, Berio, Albeniz, MacMillan, Jacob TV, Bartók

Brass United

For this  program of arrangements of music largely related to dance and folk songs, the performers have returned to the musical sources of Stravinsky’s Pulcinella. Transcriptions of ten pieces from the original music have been made by Steven Verhelst for brass quintet and harpsichord.

For the twenty-one movements of his ballet, Stravinsky brought together pieces from the Baroque and classical periods by the eighteenth-century Italians Domenico Gallo, Giovanni Battista Pergolesi and Carlo Ignazio Monza, the Netherlands duke and composer Unico Willem van Wassenaer andthe nineteenth-century Alessandro Parisotti. Only one of them remains known today: Pergolesi, who, shortly before his death, penned his immortal Stabat Mater which was to travel the world. In the manner of Stravinsky, who, as he admitted, gave old and forgotten music a new life by altering but little, so the musicians on this recording dust off the anonymity of unfamiliar composers and clothe them in a contemporary mantle. 

Notable in the ballet music is that besides trio sonatas by Domenico Gallo, harpsichord suites by Carlo Ignazio Monza and a concerto grosso by Van Wassenaer, vocal pieces are also incorporated as textless dance music. These include arias from comic operas (opera buffa) by Pergolesi, such as Il Flamminnino and Lo Frate ‘Nnamorato, but also a sweet romantic song by Alessandro Parisotti (1853-1913), Si tu m’ami, which is a slightly odd man out within the complete sequence of movements, but through this very contrast fits so well into the vivid entirety of taut forms and lucid lines

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Brass United

Brass United is an ensemble consisting of five brass players from different backgrounds and countries who got to know each other in various occasions and became good friends over thepast decades:

Van Hasselt and Alexandre Baty, trumpet
Jasper de Waal, french horn
Jörgen van Rijen, trombone
Stéphane Labeyrie, tuba.

After discovering their initial joy of making music together, they felt united in their desire to promote their instruments and create a bigger audience for great brass music. With these five musicians as the core of Brass United they are flexible to take part in different projects in various settings. It is their wish to bring great musicians and music together in their love for chamber music.

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Pitch Black (2017)

Monza, Pergolesi, Gallo, Wassenaer, Parisotti, Berio, Albeniz, MacMillan, Jacob TV, Bartók

Brass United


(...) bemerkenswerter CD- Erstling von Brass United. (...)

Daniel Gramespacher


Ensemblespel van het hoogste niveau! (...) De missie van Brass United, om een groter publiek te kunnen overtuigen van de schoonheid van kopermuziek, zal met deze prachtige en veelzijdige cd zeker moeten slagen!

Ella Botter


Brass United gaat nog een stapje verder en liet muziek uit drie eeuwen arrangeren die nu te vinden is op deze debuut-CD. Een uitdaging die niet alleen avontuurlijk is maar ook bijzonder goed geslaagd!

Mattie Poels

    De Volkskrant

Vijf koperblazers die het volle spectrum benutten en zelfs de tuba een prominente rol gunnen, dan denk je aan een klank waarin zwaartekracht het wint van zweefvermogen. (...) Schitterend eerbetoon aan dit icoon van de jazz.

Biella Luttmer

    Het Parool

Fenomenaal samenspel van Brass United (...)

    NRC -

Gedroomd kwintet is vrolijk makend goed (...) een debuut dat meteen in de roos schiet (...)

Pitch Black (2017)

Monza, Pergolesi, Gallo, Wassenaer, Parisotti, Berio, Albeniz, MacMillan, Jacob TV, Bartók

Brass United

Cables: van den Hul
Digital Converters: Grimm A/D
Editing Software: Pyramix
Mastering Engineer:

The recording was originally digitized using the Grimm AD1, which operates at DSD64. The original session tracks were edited and rebalanced (which meant going through the mixer)  in the only available format for that purpose; the Pyramix 352.8KHz/24bit PCM (DXD). Prior to the advent of direct digital delivery, the next step in the production process from 352.8KHz/24bit PCM would be the DSD64 edited master for SACD production. What we have done now is also make a direct conversion to DSD128 and DSD256 from that original DXD edited master, without going through any interim processing steps.

Those DXD to DSD conversions are not up-samplings, as they would be going from one PCM sampling rate to another, for they are different encoding systems. PCM is a digital value sample based system, and DSD is a digital bit density modulated system. Conversion from any PCM sample rate to any DSD bit rate system is a remodulation, not an up-sampling.

We feel there is an audio advantage to this process in using the original files so we give you the choice and you can decide.

Jared Sacks

Mastering Room: Grimm LS1
Microphones: Bruel & Kyaer, Schoeps
Mixing Board: Rens Heijnis custom made
Producer: Jared Sacks
Recording Engineer: Jared Sacks
Recording location: MCO Hilversum Holland
Recording Software: Merging
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD64

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38717: Pitch Black
01:00:38   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Harpsichord Suite No.1
00:01:35   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Aria Mentre l'erbetta pasce l?agnella
00:02:24   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Trio Sonate No.3
00:02:42   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Aria Chi disse che la femina
00:02:21   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Concerto Armonico, No.2
00:01:47   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Si tu m'ami
00:03:22   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Harpsichord Suite No.3
00:01:38   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Presto
00:01:22   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Aria Pupillette, fiammette d'amore
00:01:37   Select quality & channels above
Pulcinela Suite - Trio Sonata
00:01:34   Select quality & channels above
Call - St. Louis Fanfare
00:03:31   Select quality & channels above
Suite Espagnol - Asturias
00:05:40   Select quality & channels above
Suite Espagnol - Cataluna
00:02:41   Select quality & channels above
Suite Espagnol - Sevilla
00:05:23   Select quality & channels above
A new Song
00:05:34   Select quality & channels above
Ptch Black for ghetto blaster and quintet
Jacob TV
00:11:24   Select quality & channels above
Rumanian Folk Dances
00:06:03   Select quality & channels above

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