Barocco Locco

The ensemble Barocco Locco, founded in 1985 is an international ensemble dedicated to the performance of music from the 17th century. Using the tools of the time and authentic performance, the core of the ensemble consists of Saskia van der Wel (soprano, cello), Fritz Heller (zinc, Dulzian) and Vincent van Laar (organ).

Depending on the occasion, the ensemble can be extended with other singers and instrumentalists (Chitarrone, trombone, violin, Dulzian). Their concerts always feature a musical or cultural-historical subject and take into account both the big names in music history and masters who had mainly regional importance. Members of this genus are, for example, the Dutch composer Herman Hollanders, Jan Baptist Verrijt, Cornelis Padbrué, the Belgian Lambert Pietkin, Léonard de Hodemont or the Germans Johann Vierdanck or Thomas Selle. Very special attention is paid to the music history of the Aachen-Liège-Maastricht region.

Photo: from the Aliud Records website

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