Baroque Academy of the Netherlands Symphony Orchestra


The Baroque Academy of The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (BANSO) was founded by Jan Willem de Vriend, Chief Conductor and artistic leader of The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra. BANSO comprises mostly musicians from The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra and specialises in the baroque repertoire. It strives to faithfully reproduce the original sound of the baroque repertoire using period instruments such as baroque trumpets, natural horns, wooden flutes and bowed string instruments with gut strings. BANSO is affiliated with The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra, a multi-faceted orchestra that manifests its musical expertise in a number of ensembles and orchestras. 

The Netherlands Symphony Orchestra (Orkest van het Oosten) is the symphony orchestra of and for the province of Overijssel, bringing passion, commitment and virtuosity to its audience. Performing at an international level, the orchestra is firmly rooted in society. Its balanced programming offers inspiring elements while the use of period instruments in the performance of its classical repertoire gives the orchestra its unique and highly individual character. 

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