Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg in the Spotlight

Since its foundation in 1933 as part of the broadcasting activities of Radio Luxembourg, the Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg (OPL) has embodied the cultural vitality of the country at the heart of Europe. From 1996, the OPL has been publicly administered, and in 2005 it took up residence at the Philharmonie Luxembourg, which is praised for its outstanding acoustics.

Orchestre Philharmonique du Luxembourg – Gustavo Gimeno, Music Director

Uniting 98 musicians from 20 nations, the OPL is renowned for the elegance of its sound, which was developed by the successive chief conductors Henri Pensis, Carl Melles, Louis de Froment, Leopold Hager, David Shallon, Bramwell Tovey and Emmanuel Krivine, and is currently shaped by Gustavo Gimeno, now in his sixth year at the helm of the orchestra. For five seasons, the OPL has been collaborating with the record label PENTATONE.

So far, this partnership has yielded eight albums dedicated to works by Anton Bruckner, Claude Debussy, César Franck, Gustav Mahler, Maurice Ravel, Gioacchino Rossini, Dmitri Shostakovich and Igor Stravinsky. All available in DSD & DXD at the NativeDSD Music Store.

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