Preparing for Dallas Southwest Audio Fest (SWAF) – Part 9

Michael Broughton writes about his preparations for the Dallas SWAF 2024. He will be showcasing music supplied from NativeDSD in collaboration with Locrian Audio.
Dallas SWAF | March 15 – 17, 2024

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Today is Tuesday. Three days to the Dallas show. Locrian Audio is finishing up the testing and let’s be truthful playing around like a kid in an acoustic sandbox. The German Physiks Unicorn speakers are truly unique in their musicality. Very transparent and very effortless in their presentation of musical image. 

The Ragazze Quartet. This music is warm like laying on the grass during a pleasant summers day. The music swirls around around you, This music is playful, lulling one into a state of peace. Something we all need I think.

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