Dallas Southwest Audio Fest – Day 2

Michael Broughton writes about his experience at the Dallas SWAF audio show. He was showcasing music supplied from NativeDSD in collaboration with Locrian Audio.
Dallas SWAF | March 15 – 17, 2024

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It’s Friday morning I have spent a good part of the previous night tuning the room. If you know me I’m a big proponent of acoustical treatment in listening rooms. I acquired a large set of acoustic materials back in the nineties. They have been used to some degree in every room I have set up over the years.

There are a few rooms I have run into that didn’t take acoustic materials well for what ever reason this is one of the rooms. I spent hours placing and listening. One positive in the sound created a negative else where in the sound. In the end we used one panel for room treatment. Thats all it took and I’m good with that.

We opened the doors at 10:00am sharp, the room was full with listeners pretty much all day long. If you were there you know what I’m talking about when I use words like open, transparent, natural, produced by this very musical system.

I played a number of NativeDSD pieces of music during the day. Some I have mentioned before and some new pieces all were received well.

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