Dallas Southwest Audio Fest – Day 3

Michael Broughton writes about his experience at the Dallas SWAF audio show. He was showcasing music supplied from NativeDSD in collaboration with Locrian Audio.
Dallas SWAF | March 15 – 17, 2024

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Today is Saturday. We had a large steady stream of listeners yesterday which was great. What’s even better is some of those faces have returned numerous times. 

I must say, due to the hard work of everyone involved we have an outstanding presentation as well as a wonderful sound. We have had some of the magazine people come to the room to listen, we shall have to see how that turns out.

I would like to point out something that doesn’t seem to happen very often. That is to give recognition to the designers of the musical products we listen to. 

The designer of the German Physiks line is Holger Muller and his team in Germany as the name states in their logo where the German Physiks lines are manufactured. Well done Holger, well done.

The same recognition should go the the musical artists from NativeDSD. Our thanks and admiration to all you musicians that have joined with NativeDSD.

Again here are some of the NativeDSD musical pieces we played through the show.

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