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Rebay: Violin, Viola and Guitar Sonatas [Pure DSD]

Joaquin Riquelme, Jose Manuel Alvarez, Pedro Mateo Gonzalez

Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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The rediscovery of the prolific output of music for guitar by Ferdinand Rebay (1880-1953), of which some outstanding examples appear on this album, has made a huge impact on the repertoire —a rare occurrence in the history of any musical instrument. His catalogue of over 400 works featuring the guitar, from solo pieces —including seven exceptional sonatas— to Lieder and choral works with guitar accompaniment, via a wide range of chamber music, has been revealed as a treasure-house of riches. The value of his legacy rests not only on its (unparalleled) size, but on the fact that it fills the gap in the repertoire that would otherwise have been left by Central European Romanticism.

Rebay’s style is highly sophisticated, indebted to a tradition that goes back to Schubert, Brahms and Wagner, and the polar opposite to that of his contemporaries of the Second Viennese School, whose work so dominates our perceptions of the music history of that period. While Schoenberg claimed he was ensuring «the hegemony of German music» by making a clean break with the past, Rebay was more than happy to draw on that existing tradition. Had he stayed within the bounds of convention, he might simply have become an inferior successor to Brahms —instead, however, he stands out for having established his own unique style, melding folk music and the Austro.

This is a Pure DSD 256 Stereo and 5 Channel Surround Sound release – recorded in Stereo and 5 Channel DSD 256 by Gonzalo Noque of Eudora Records. The other DSD bit rates (DSD 128, DSD 64) were created in the DSD Domain by NativeDSD Mastering Engineer Tom Caulfield using the Signalyst HQ Player 4 Pro mastering software.

Joaquin Riquelme – Viola
Jose Manuel Alvarez – Violin
Pedro Mateo Gonzalez – Guitar


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Sonata in E minor for violin and guitar - I. Allegro ma non troppo
Sonata in E minor for violin and guitar - II. Variationen über ein kärntner Volkslied
Sonata in E minor for violin and guitar - III. Menuetto
Sonata in E minor for violin and guitar - IV. Rondo (Finale)
Sonata in C minor for violin and guitar - I. Mässiges Marschtempo
"Sonata in C minor for violin and guitar - II. Variationen über: "Und der Hans schleicht umher"
Sonata in C minor for violin and guitar - III. Scherzo
Sonata in C minor for violin and guitar - IV. Ein frühliches - perpetuum mobile- in Weber's Manier
Sonata in D minor for viola and guitar - I. Sehr mässig bewegt
Sonata in D minor for viola and guitar - II. Sehr ruhig und zart
Sonata in D minor for viola and guitar - III. Scherzo
Sonata in D minor for viola and guitar - IV. Rondo

Total time: 01:06:15

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Sonodore, Schoeps




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Gonzalo Noqué

Recording Engineer

Gonzalo Noqué

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Auditorio San Francisco, Avila, Spain

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Release DateJune 19, 2015

Press reviews

Musicweb International

“The performers here are sublimely sensitive to Rebay’s musical subtleties, from contrasts of dynamic and the weighing of chords against melodic lines, as well as in the democratic interaction between the instruments, elegantly demonstrated in the guitar’s melodic function in the second Variations movement of the Sonata in C minor. The added ambience of 5.0 SACD surround sound is an attraction that enhances the cleanly transparent nature of both music and performance. The extra richness of sonority and darkness of timbre introduced by the viola in the Sonata in D minor is another delight. […] relaxing into Rebay’s superbly crafted and comforting conservatism is however a joy from beginning to end, and what more could you want late at night, just before retiring with candle and nightcap.”

Audiophile Audition

Rebay really doesn’t sound like anyone else from the period. His unique sound and musicality are quite captivating to my ear, and this sonata can withstand multiple hearings to take it all in. […] Rebay is a fine, but certainly lesser-known composer. This disc makes a fine introduction to his work, and it’s worth a place in any collection. All the selections are being heard on disc for the first time, another reason to get this recording and enjoy Rebay’s musical offerings.


With perfect balance touched by rare delicacy in their playing, José M. Alvarez Losada on the violin, Joaquin Riquelme on the viola, an Pedro Mateo Gonzalez on the guitar make these pieces enchanting at each moment. Let us also praise the sound recording that respects tones in realistic acoustics by which the instruments thrive with ideal presence. Here is one of the best SACDs of the fall 2015.


Dankzij deze drie Spaanse pleitbezorgers – ze spelen meer dan voortreffelijk en zetten zich duidelijk met hart en ziel in voor deze muziek – is het bovendien voortdurend genieten geblazen, nog versterkt door de opname die ik wel als een juweeltje wil klasseren. Goed dat deze muziek er is!


Ferdinand Rebay had a genuine feeling for the guitar, as one can hear in this beautiful and atmospheric performances of his duo sonatas. A much enjoyable disc!


“Rebay’s duos with strings are imaginative, succinct, tune-full […] Rebay’s music on this disc is of the highest quality, and it receives playing of the finest, from Pedro Mateo González (guitar), Joaquín Riquelme (viola) and José Manuel Álvarez (violin) in dedicated and affectionate performances. […] I hope that this remarkable issue will urge further recordings of Fernand Rebay’s guitar works, so I commend it to classical guitar fans and chamber music devotees alike.”


«Not another Mozart Symphony, but a totally new experience. And let me say it straight away: This disk is a wonderful one. […] His music is thoroughly tonal, rooted in late romantic, melodious expressions. Well structured, sophisticated and refined. […] The viola player here, Joaquín Riquelme, plays with absolute ‘justesse’, which is rare for a viola player. The same applies to the violin of José Manuel Álvarez Losada. […] Revisiting a thus far mostly unknown composer, these musicians have ably lifted out of oblivion three sonatas of undeniable beauty. […] The recorded sound is exemplary.”

Wonderful music/performance recorded in DSD 256. A MUST have!

Wonderful music/performance recorded in DSD 256. A MUST have!

NativeDSD Listener

Music of Great Quality

NativeDSD Listener

Very Good


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