Chopin & Liszt: B Minor Sonatas (2020)

Liszt, Chopin

Josep Colom

B Minor Sonatas by pianist Josep Colom is his 4th DSD 256 release from Eudora. The album is "A journey through Chopin and Liszt’s spiritual sides." Josep Colom brings out a fresh and poetic view on two of the peaks of the piano repertoire: Chopin and Liszt B minor Piano Sonatas.

Heroic writing alternates with Italianate lyricism in Chopin’s Op. 58, while Liszt only piano sonata is one of the greatest achievements in its genre, if not the greatest of all. Chopin’s Nocturnes op. 62 and Liszt’s late work Unstern! – Sinistre is also included in this stunning album, passionately performed by one of the most distinguished pianists of his generation.

As with all of the Eudora Records releases, this is a Native DSD 256 Stereo & DSD 256 Multichannel recording. Brought to you in its Native DSD 256 recording resolution with no DXD or PCM post-processing!

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Josep Colom

I was born in Barcelona in 1947. Unusually for that period in Spain, music was a big part of our everyday family life, as far back as I can remember. Thanks to this, and the unconditional emotional and financial support I received from my parents, who were not themselves professional musicians, I was able to choose my career path at an early age, and have enjoyed it ever since.

In my youth, I won a number of competitions. The Jaén and Santander International competitions (1977 and 1978 respectively) helped me begin to make a name for myself in Spain; many years later, the Spanish Ministry of Culture awarded me the National Music Prize, an accolade I’m particularly proud to have won because it represents the appreciation and endorsement of my colleagues in the profession. During the 1980s I gradually made more and more public appearances, and these days, as well as performing as a recital soloist and chamber musician, I play regularly with virtually all the Spanish orchestras under the baton of excellent conductors, at the country’s leading venues and festivals. I also play abroad quite frequently, especially in France, where I lived for a number of years during the 70s while studying at Paris’s École Normale de Musique, founded by Alfred Cortot. I’ve also made most of my recordings in France, for the Mandala label, with albums of music by composers as diverse as Brahms, Franck, Blasco de Nebra, Mompou and Falla, among others. RTVE has recently released both a DVD of a performance I gave of Prokofiev’s Third Piano Concerto and a CD of works by Chopin, Debussy and Ravel – live recordings from the Radio Clásica archive issued as part of a series entitled Grandes pianistas españoles. Despite the occasional imperfection here and there, I prefer live recordings for the greater authenticity they offer.

Throughout my career many other musicians have influenced my artistic development. One in particular that I’d like to mention is the composer (and, at the time, pianist) Joan Guinjoán who, when I was only nineteen, helped me develop a much more rational and structured way of approaching music and performance.

My reserved, introverted temperament means I feel most at home in the world of recital and chamber music, although I’ve never wanted to forego the chance to enjoy the wonders of the concerto repertoire. I’m not going to try to list all the orchestras, conductors, quartets and other musicians with whom I’ve shared great moments of music-making, because inevitably I’d leave some of them out, but I value each and every one of them immensely.

Teaching has become an increasingly important part of my life. Coming into contact with younger musicians has enabled me to rediscover the great piano repertoire with renewed enthusiasm. As well as giving regular masterclasses, I’ve also taught at the University of Alcalá de Henares since its music department opened in 1990, and at the Saragossa Conservatory and Valencia’s Musikeon, while in September 2012 I took up a post at Barcelona’s Liceu Conservatory.

I consider it a great privilege to be able to make music, and I am grateful to all those who have made the effort over the years to come and share this daily miracle with me.

Josep Colom

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Chopin & Liszt: B Minor Sonatas (2020)

Liszt, Chopin

Josep Colom


“There is an impressive noblesse in his performance […]. The recording, both in surround and stereo, is a jewel.”

Aart van der Wal[read full review]

    Audiophile Audition

“Eudora offerings have unfailingly impressed in terms of auditory refinement, artistic perfection and programming innovation. […]In short, Colom’s Liszt is a triumph. Eudora has delivered another superb disc which should find a wide and appreciative audience.”

Fritz Balwit[read full review]

    Classical Music Sentinel

“Spanish pianist Josep Colom opts for melodic definition, harmonic clarity, and most of all a clearly expressed musical narrative. He underlines the poetic nature of the Chopin, and the symphonic breadth of the Liszt, with a solid yet understated technique which avoids speed simply for the sake of velocity. […]All of which is faithfully captured in this finely engineered audio recording by Gonzalo Noqué at Eudora Records.”

Jean-Yves Duperron[read full review]

    Crescendo Magazine

“Josep Colom displays a deep and strong conviction throughout this course which contains its share of shadows and lights […]. […] Josep Colom assumes the fullness of the sound of his Steinway (CD burning in March 2018 at the Zaragoza Auditorium), with noble phrasing, an expression that combines a desire for meditation like an immersion in fiery, vehemence and l 'intensity.”

Jean Lacroix[read full review]


“73-year-old Spanish pianist Josep Colom has confided his mature view of the two B minor sonatas by Chopin and Liszt to the microphones. […]Nothing seems artificial, nothing is researched in a musical flow that the listener follows spellbound. […]Colom takes us into such a gripping atmosphere. Only a few artists succeed in preserving this authenticity. And it shows why Colom is such a highly regarded musician by all those who are aware of his name. […]The sound recording is of captivating clarity, the piano sounds good in all registers and has been ideally captured by the microphones […].”

Remy Franck[read full review]

    Revista Musical Catalana (Catalan Musical Magazine)

In a moment of admirable artistic maturity, the renowned Catalan pianist records two of the most closely related romantic composers of the piano. After earlier recordings of musical dialogue between two authors - Mozart-Chopin in Dialogue, and Bach-Chopin in Confluences - and a third dedicated to Beethoven's last Sonatas, all for the Eudora label, now come two of the most great sonatas written for the piano. With two romantic authors who excel and who agree in the tonality of their sonatas, it is a truly fascinating program. Although Chopin always had a clear preference for shorter forms, he also wrote three Sonatas for piano solo. The last is the longest work. And although the composer was depressed - his health was deteriorating, his relationship with George Sand was increasingly strained and his father had died a few months ago - opus 58 becomes a work full of vitality and energy. Colom makes it a refined, idiomatic reading, full of expressive intensity, but well balanced. With a rich and velvety sound, the pianist begins the "Allegro maestoso" in an imposing way, without haste, but knowing how to create the necessary tension. The pianist has nothing to prove to anyone, and gives us a version in which we can taste each section. There is drama and temperament, but it excels especially in a seductive warmth, clarity of textures, work of inner voices, as well as in a not excessive rubato. After this emotional intensity, we come to a "Scherzo" at times playful, at times serene. The dreamy "Largo", with a cantabile imbued with poetry, gives way to a more passionate "Finale", without outbursts but with a very well projected tension. From a warm left hand, Columb offers a beautiful cantabile line on the right in the Nocturnes op. 62, which he completes with exquisite attention to nuances. Sensuality, sublimity, and poetry are exposed in a poetic Nocturne op. 62 núm. 2. Liszt makes a great deployment of technical and musical resources in his lavish Sonata in B minor. Of cyclical structure, it supposes the twilight of this form for all pianists. Josep Colom demonstrates a structural coherence that gives unity to the work. There is a deep musical understanding in this reading, with doses of drama, greatness, conviction, muscle and poetry. From the gloomy and abysmal descent of the overture, through the spirituality of lyricism in piano or the passion with which he faces the dreaded octaves, the pianist offers a deep vision, at times striking, full of grandeur, but where he claims also poetry and expressive force. One of Liszt’s latest works –Unster! -Sinistre – closes an album that is the piano culmination of an extensive and applauded career of one of the most outstanding Catalan pianists. An album to know and enjoy in an excellent recording.

Santi Riu[read full review] -

“With Colom one isn’t even aware of such hurdles. He doesn’t seek to impress for the sake of it. […] Colom shows maturity and luminous vision. He clearly feels that he doesn’t have to prove anything. […] Of both Sonatas, Josep Colom brings well-considered, personal views in the ring […].”

Adrian Quanjer[read full review]

Chopin & Liszt: B Minor Sonatas (2020)

Liszt, Chopin

Josep Colom

Digital Converters: Horus, Merging Technologies
Microphones: Sonodore, Neumann U89 & Schoeps
Producer: Gonzalo Noqué
Recording location: Sala Mozart, Auditorio de Zaragoza, Spain
Recording Software: Pyramix, Merging Technologies
Recording Type & Bit Rate: DSD 256
Speakers: Dutch & Dutch 8C

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EUDDR2002: Chopin & Liszt: B Minor Sonatas
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Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor op. 58 - I. Allegro maestoso
00:11:12   N/A
Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor op. 58 - II. Scherzo - molto vivace
00:02:58   N/A
Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor op. 58 - III. Largo
00:08:36   N/A
Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor op. 58 - IV. Finale - Presto non tanto
00:05:35   N/A
Nocturne in B major op. 62 No. 1
00:07:02   N/A
Nocturne in E major op. 62 No. 2
00:07:25   N/A
Unstern - Sinistre S. 208
00:05:30   N/A
Piano Sonata in B minor S. 178 - I. Lento assai - Allegro energico
00:13:21   N/A
Piano Sonata in B minor S. 178 - II. Andante sostenuto
00:08:55   N/A
Piano Sonata in B minor S. 178 - III. Allegro energico
00:11:49   N/A

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