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It may take years or even decades and cost a fortune as well as a lot of energy to build a high-end audio system for home music reproduction. The reason for the lengthy process is not only to learn about our music perception but the lack of authentic reference recordings.

If we do not know how the recording was made and how the live music sounded, we will not have the memory of the masterpiece. Modern audio recordings are optimized for various music listening environments including noisy mobile devices. Often the dynamics, the tonal balance and voicing balance is compromised as these are dumbed down for mobile environments. Using these recordings for evaluating our audio equipment choices we may have been misguided.

My Reel Club will give a unique possibility to all demanding music listeners.  We make reference recordings.  We also invite listeners to be present during the recording process.  This is when miracles occur.  Listeners can even be part of the rehearsal, mixing, even the post-production process. This will bring memories of the real event to our listeners.  For music listeners who were not at the original event, NativeDSD will bring you DSD editions of these fine recordings for enjoyment in your home.

Ferenc Koscsó, My Reel Club

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