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Ella On Our Mind (2 Track Analog Recording)

Aubrey Logan, Bill Cantos, Chris Colangelo, Jamey Tate, Josh Nelson, The L.A. Network


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Original Recording Format: Analog Tape
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Ella On Our Mind is the second release by The L.A. Network from 2xHD Mastering and Resonance Records. The album also features Aubrey Logan on Vocals and Trombone along with Bill Cantos on Vocals. As with the L.A. Network’s first release, this is a new Analog Jazz Recording.

It was recorded ‘off-the-floor’ in 2 Track Analog at 15 ips with no overdubs or edits. Using the purest audiophile analog techniques, this recording of Ella Fitzgerald’s favorites. It captures the dynamics of singer, composer, and trombone player Aubrey Logan and composer, pianist, and singer Bill Cantos plus friends from the L.A. Network’s outstanding pool of Jazz Musicians and Singers.

Ella On Our Mind is available in Stereo DSD (up to DSD 1024) at the NativeDSD Music Store. It is a DSD Exclusive, Not Available on SACD release.

NativeDSD Music also has The L.A. Network’s first album, Dave Brubeck Redux, at the store (linked below).

On August 6, 2021, NativeDSD Music released the first-ever commercially available music in Stereo DSD 1024. This album was one of those 6 very first albums. If you would like to give DSD 1024 listening a try, check out NativeDSD’s sampler: 5 Tracks in DSD 1024 (also released on August 6, 2021).


The L.A. Network with Aubrey Logan & Bill Cantos
Aubrey Logan – Vocals, Trombone
Bill Cantos – Vocals, Keyboard, Piano (Tracks 2,4)
Josh Nelson – Piano (Tracks 1,3,5,6,7)
Chris Colangelo – Bass
Jamey Tate – Drums


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Our Love Is Here To Stay
We'll Be Together Again
Lush Life
Hernando's Hideway
How Long Has This Been Going On
Too Darn Hot

Total time: 00:32:16

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Analog Recording Equipment

Nagra-T Tape Recorder



Digital Converters

2xHD Analog to Digital Converter; Signalyst HQ Player Pro 4 "EC" Modulators

Mastering Engineer

Rene LaFlamme at 2xHD Mastering – Analog to DXD Transfer; Tom Caulfield at NativeDSD Mastering Lab – DXD to DSD 512 Transfer

Mastering Room

Nagra Audio HD DAC X – Digital to Analog Reference Converter; Signalyst HQ Player Pro 4 (DXD to DSD 512 Transfer)


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Original Recording Format


George Klabin

Recording Engineer

George Klabin

Recording Location

Recorded Live to Analog two-track 15 ips tape at Resonance Studios in Beverly Hills, CA on November 5, 2019

Recording Type & Bit Rate


Release DateApril 30, 2020

Press reviews

HiFi Critic

As if to prove the ‘DSD is Analog’ maxim, this is an all-analog recording, released in a range of DSD Stereo formats, and the latest release from 2xHD. 2xHD is best-known for its remastering and releases in DSD of classic jazz recordings over the past five years.

The project, led by 2xHD’s André Perry and Resonance Records’ George Klabin, branched out late last year with new trio recordings of the Brubeck catalogue (Dave Brubeck Redux, 2XHDRE1162), and now follows up with a set paying tribute to Ella Fitzgerald.

Like the Brubeck set, this one was recorded ‘off the floor’, live and with no overdubs, onto 15ips analog tape in stereo, using a Nagra-T recorder modified with valve electronics and a custom-built carbon-fiber damped head-block, wired directly with silver cable to a valve preamp.

Transfer to DXD is via 2XHD’s custom ADC, with the whole mastering system powered by a super capacitor supply. All impressive stuff, and the performances more than live up to all the technology, with vocals by Aubrey Logan, who also plays trombone, and Bill Cantos, also on keyboards. Additional pianism is by Josh Nelson, who also played on the Brubeck set, while the engine room is Chris Colangelo on bass and Jamey Tate on sticks ’n’ skins.

It works, and spectacularly well, whether on the plaintive Lush Life or the swing of Too Darn Hot, with Logan channeling the younger Ella in an almost uncanny fashion, or the sultry reading of Hernando’s Hideaway.

Best of all, the recording has a wonderful immediacy and lack of artifice about it, and some fabulous musicianship.


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