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Black Crow [Pure DSD]

Agnes Lakatos, Balint Gyemant, Tibor Csuhaj-Barna

Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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Black Crow is a new release from Hunnia Records. Recorded Live in Stereo DSD 256, the album features the Jazz Ensemble “Voice and Bass” with Agnes Lakatos on Vocals, Tibor Csuhaj-Barna on Double Bass, and Balint Gyemant on Guitar.

This is a Stereo DSD 256 recording that is exclusively available from NativeDSD Music in Pure DSD. In addition to the recorded DSD 256 bit rate, the other DSD bit rates have been created in the DSD Domain using the Signalyst HQ Player 4 Pro mastering tools by Tom Caulfield at the NativeDSD Mastering Lab. It is a DSD Exclusive, Not Available on SACD release.

“We’ve been playing as a voice and bass duo with Tibor for more than 30 years, and just rarely have let anybody into that tight formation. Bálint Gyemant is definitely one of them. He could not only accommodate to all of the musical situation, but he can also give a creative, new meaning to the project.”
– Ágnes Lakatos

“Bálint Gyémánt’s guitar playing has filled the moderate amount of harmony of the voice and bass sound, his improvisations have made the music more fluent and airier. The live recording at Native DSD256 format provided the delicate, intimate sphere of the collective playing.”
– Tibor Csuhaj-Barna

“Ágnes Lakatos and Tibor Csuhaj-Barna- as teachers and musicians – have been elemental parts of the Hungarian Jazz life. 20 years ago, when I started to learn this genre, I already knew that. It is a great honor and delight to be part of this project and to be let in this evolved creative fellowship. Thanks for this collective musical soaring.”
– Bálint Gyémánt

Voice and Bass
Agnes Lakatos – Vocals
Tibor Csuhaj-Barna – Double Bass
Balint Gyemant – Guitar


Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
God Bless the Child
Waiting for the Grey Rain
Throw it away
Black Crow
Onts vizet - Pour Water
I'm Just Singing a Song

Total time: 00:37:10

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Hunka Róbert Zoltán

Recording Engineer

Hunka Róbert Zoltán

Recording Type & Bit Rate

DSD 256

Release DateNovember 20, 2020

Press reviews


Another blessing!

Art, so of course unfortunately Jazz is also forced to sleep its Sleeping Beauty dream worldwide. So, it is an even greater joy for all of us when a new recording is released.

On January 30, my review of Ágnes Lakatos Special Zone’s fantastic album, “I’m Just Singing a Song”, was released. But “Black Crow”, with the excellent singer, Ágnes Lakatos, was already spinning here in my player. and her husband, a fresh bassist from the formation of the great bassist duo Tibor Csuhaj-Barna Voice and Bass, will also be on the shelves soon. Moreover, one of the best Hungarian jazz guitarists, Bálint Gyémánt, joined the artist couple in quite a few songs!

There are 8 songs on the album. We start with Billie Holiday’s “God Bless the Child”, followed by “Waiting for the Gray Rain” by Tibor Csuhaj-Barna (music) – Enyedi Sugárka (lyrics). After this, Abbey Lincoln’s iconic work “Throw It Away” and a composition by another genius singer, Joni Mitchell, titled “Black Crow” will be played.

Fifth, we can enjoy the processing of the gypsy folk song “Poured Water”, arranged by Tibor Csuhaj-Barna. We go on with two real big classics that were born at different ages, as we’re talking about Pat Metheny’s “James” and George Gershwin’s “Summertime”.  In conclusion, both his music and lyrics are composed by Ágnes Lakatos, a composition, “I’m Just Singing a Song”, which is the title song of the Special Zone album mentioned above.

Ági had a very difficult task ahead of them, as which of our ears, heart and soul would not have the original “God Bless the Child” Holiday, “Throw It Away” from Lincoln, or “James” from Metheny? Can these numbers be approached differently? Well, I think the way the Voice and Bass duo and Bálint Gyémánt did, by all means!

In some cases, by bravely changing the meter, the schedule, they were able to put the compositions in a different refraction, but I feel that is not (only) the main argument in favor of “Black Crow”. For me, the huge knowledge and radiance of Ági, Tibi and Bálint, as well as their love, respect, and humility for music, are the factors that impressed me.

All three have been playing music using their extremely strong personalities. Showing that they are obviously familiar with the original versions.  Now they are showing, revealing to us, what they think, feel about these topics.

I would highlight in particular: my own compositions blend into the legendary songs in such a way that it is something wonderful! “Waiting for the Gray Rain” and “I’m Just Singing a Song” abound between a “Summertime,” “Throw It Away,” or “Black Crow”.

In connection with Ágnes Lakatos’ Special Zone’s “I’m Just Singing a Song,” I wrote that it was a blessing to record, especially in these incredibly difficult times. Well, in the case of “Black Crow,” I have to repeat myself, this album is also a divine blessing by gorgeous artists, courtesy of Hunnia Records. Thanks!


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