Jung-A Lee: A Private Recital in Walt Disney Concert Hall

Jung-A Lee

Original Recording Format: DSD 256
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Korean organ virtuoso Jung-A Lee and I conceived this recording as a gift to welcome Simon Woods to Los Angeles. Simon serves as our new CEO at the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Yarlung has enjoyed a long and successful friendship with this orchestra, and with the support of our friend Deborah Borda, recorded five albums with Los Angeles Philharmonic musicians, including two with Principal Concertmaster Martin Chalifour, Principal Pianist Joanne Pearce Martin, Bass Clarinet virtuoso David Howard and the young firebrand violinist and social activist Robert Vijay Gupta. This album also celebrates the esteemed Caspar Glatter-Götz/Manuel Rosales organ in Walt Disney Concert Hall and the great institution that is the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

(…) When I am asked to describe the “Yarlung Sound,” I often talk about transparency. Our goal as engineers is to be like clean windows, through which an audience can see (or in our case hear) our musicians exactly as they sound in performance. But much as we like to pretend otherwise, everything in audio is an illusion. You have two or more speakers in your listening room with you, not Jung-A and the magnificent Walt Disney Concert Hall organ. And since your listening room is undoubtedly smaller than Walt Disney Concert Hall, we want to give you the feeling and visceral experience of sitting on this beautiful stage with us in this 2,265 seat acoustic marvel of an auditorium, with Jung-A at the organ console.

Depending on how various electronic components are designed, every one of them contributes a sound to the recording, and every one of them (microphones, cables, preamplifiers, analog and digital recorders) interacts with one another to complete the picture. No component is truly neutral or transparent, much as we like to maintain otherwise. We want the results of these components to feel neutral to you such that you hear the music as I hear it (and as I envision it) on stage during the recording.

Bob Attiyeh, producer

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Please note that the below previews are loaded as 44.1 kHz / 16 bit.
Woods and Brooks
Hamburger Totentanz
Carrillon de Westminster
Elevation: Tierce en taille
Ciacona in C Minor, BuxWV 159
Mein junges Leben hat ein End
Prelude in B Minor, BWV 544
Fantasia on Blessed Assurance
Les Anges
Concert Variations on the Star Spangled Banner, Op. 23

Total time: 01:16:05

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Digital Converters

Hapi, by Merging Technologies

Editing Software


Executive Producer

Elliot Midwood

Mastering Engineer

Stereo Mastering Engineers: Steve Hoffman & Bob Attiyeh, Surround Sound Mastering Engineer: Tom Caulfield

Microphone Technician

David Bock


Vacuum Tube Microphones: Ancona Audio, Microphone Preamplification: Elliot Midwood


STEREO Arian Jansen and I used Ted Ancona’s famous “Frank Sinatra” AKG C-24 vacuum tube stereo microphone and two additional mid-hall Ted Ancona Schoeps M222 vacuum tube omnidirectional mono microphones. We used Elliot Midwood vacuum tube mic preamplification and fed these four tracks into our analog SonoruS Holographic Imaging processor. This SHI technology enabled us to produce a two channel mix to reproduce a more three-dimensional listening experience from two speakers. We captured this Holographic Imaging recording using a SonoruS ATR12 analog tape recorder, a SonoruS digital converter for high resolution PCM, and a Merging Technologies HAPI for DSD256. For more information about SonoruS Holographic Imaging please visit yarlungrecords.com/sonorus/ 4 CHANNEL SURROUND SOUND into 5 Channels for easy 5.0 and 5.1 playback. This is 4.0 surround sound, where channel 1 is left front, channel 2 is right front, channel 3 is silent, channel 4 is left rear and channel 5 is right rear for easy playback on standard 5.0 or 5.1 playback systems. We elected to use two front channels (not three) to preserve phase and playback room loading information in Walt Disney Concert Hall as accurately as possible. For the rear channels, we used our two mid-hall Ted Ancona Schoeps M222 vacuum tube microphones.COMPLETE TAKES We believe that the musical intent communicated directly by our musicians is generally superior to a musical arc that I could create in postproduction, so we don’t edit. What you hear on this album is real. Jung-A performed this recital for our recording team and executive producer as you hear it.

Organ Builder and Technician

Manuel Rosales

Original Recording Format


Bob Attiyeh

Recording Engineer

Bob Attiyeh & Arian Jansen

Recording location

Walt Disney Concert Hall

Recording Type & Bit Rate

DSD 256

Release DateSeptember 28, 2018

Press reviews

Positive Feedback

I have waited patiently for 25+ years for the technically engaging, perfect, and uber enjoyable organ recording on any media. Yarlung has done it. Bob Attiyeh has masterminded it with taste levels sublime. Arian Jansen has invented the missing link in holography. The selections are off the chart and down the street!

Become wrapped in acoustic ambiance from two channels. I sit 16 feet from my speakers and I was surrounded by ambiance and textures, tons of it. If your system is see-through neutral, you will be in Walt Disney Hall with Jung-A. This is a true reference album. This is the audiophile recording of organ music without audible flaws. The performances are uncanny and note perfect. She pours her feelings into every note and it is involving and sensational.

With all this going on, the front half of the soundstage is not diminished in any way. Imaging is solid, tonality is perfect, depth is endless, and soundstaging in all dimensions are very realistic.

You cannot stop listening to this album…I dare you!

The Jung-A Lee, A Private Organ Recital in Walt Disney Hall is now available and a must-own for both extreme enjoyment and system torture. Plus the bass! Turn on your sub-woofer and fasten your seatbelt.

Steve Hoffman

The sound, the music, the performances, are all beyond words. I’m so proud to be associated with this, proud to have helped master it in Stereo. One more thing, I didn’t know my system could reproduce such low notes. You feel some of them below the belt!

Do you like big organ music? Are you tired of the same old warhorses? Ready for a unique private concert? You need this album.

The sound that Yarlung Records creator, producer, engineer Bob Attiyeh gets from his performers, hall and special equipment is always the best. This album is right up there with all the great sounding organ disks, even better as the top end isn’t “tipped up” as is usually the case with music like this.

What else can I say, really? Get this album. Support Yarlung Artists, a non-profit that is really making a difference in getting lesser known music recorded and released.


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