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Bringing A Phenomenal Performance to Life

I met Tobias Messerschmidt during the Frankfurter Musik Messe of 2017. Tobias was playing in the stand of Vancore Percussion Instruments. The owner of this firm reminded me of him and told me he would recommend this young musician as an artist who should be heard. Aliud Records embraced this thought and decided to record an album by this new marimba player with a contemporary look. A few months later, we were recording him in a church with nice, warm and clear acoustics in a Friesian village called Oosthem.

The recordings were made in a way that they are suitable for both Stereo and Surround Sound DSD. On the new album, Tobias Messerschmidt played for the first time on his new 5-octave marimba from Vancore Percussion Instruments.

Brand New DSD Release: “Interiorem” by Tobias Messerschmidt

Why did you choose to record in DSD Surround Sound? I think, and after listening to this recording, I’m sure that an instrument like this really benefits from the more spacious view that comes even closer to the sound by rendering it with these techniques. It “breathes” even more and gives a nicer, more natural display of the low frequencies.

This matches my previous experience with a recent recording with the Bassano Quartet; Eagles and Seven Tears. A recorder quartet in which there is also a sub-contrabas recorder. Even then, the experience of a richer, pronounced bass show was unique. Surround Sound gives you a very pleasant experience with this beautiful instrument and the phenomenal performance of Tobias Messerschmidt. It’s my pleasure to bring this performance to our listeners at NativeDSD.

Written by

Jos Boerland

Jos Boerland is founcer and producer at Aliud Records. Aliud invests in musicians by providing them a platform to present their music to the listening public on the best media currently available, for example CD, Super audio CD, DVD, etc. At Aliud you will find many different styles from the music of the Middle Ages through Modern Classical, As well as Jazz, Brass and classical music for Wind Band. Aliud presents a wide variety of musical products to catering for everybody’s musical needs Aliud presents high-class music across many different genres. For Aliud, high-class means that the musician’s, ensembles and orchestras represented in our catalog are of world-class quality. Our products are recorded using only the best recording equipment and engineers available and are reproduced on Super Audio CD (the best media currently available) guaranteeing the best sound reproduction in your living room. Artists working with Aliud include among others Ronald Moelker , Het Lacrimae ensemble, Il Concerto Barocco, Rabaskadol, Ensemble Braccio, Ensemble Super Librum. We wish you great listening pleasure!