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And when it’s done, the pleasure is yours

What is the secret? Find some good players, select music that is not yet (Mozart) or hardly (Beethoven) available in high definition, written by famously appreciated composers, and recorded by Jared Sacks. That’s all. And when it’s done, the pleasure is entirely yours.

So, what more need I say?

The logo? The cover of the hard copy does not have the usual Channel Classics logo in the upper left corner, but another one at the bottom right. The wisdom behind the apparent change, I do not know, other than that Channel Classics has joined Outhere Music, which, according to their website, is “one of the world’s leading independent producers of Classical and Contemporary music”. A Dutch label moving into a Belgian venture. And moving into a new house asks for new wallpaper, one might say. 

That may be so, but for us, global music lovers, the important thing is not the cover but the exceptional quality of a label that over the years has given us so many exciting moments. No matter behind which door it is now located, as long as Jared Sacks, the spiritual father, remains at the helm of this premium label we will continue to count our blessings. 

And then the other matter. When I downloaded the file, there was no booklet included. Maybe that for some the short introductory description is clear enough, but I was pleased to hear that there is one now. Clemens Romijn’s liner notes are well worth reading. Reason enough to recuperate them if you don’t have downloaded the booklet already.  

Not for the usual bunch of ‘Gasse Bläser’

After all, isn’t it the music that matters? Despite their elaborated and near concert format, Mozart’s Serenade and Beethoven’s Octet fall in the category ‘Tafelmusik’ (Table Music) and are, therefore, meant for divertissement. Either to be played at a ‘salon’ concert or to enhance a noble man’s dinner. But is it? Music ‘made for pleasure’ with no deeper meaning than just melodious virtuoso? Not quite. Beethoven surely aimed at winning over the discerning Vienna music crowd and Mozart’s ambition reaching even higher. Not the kind of music for the usual bunch of ‘Gasse Bläser’ or Street Musicians. Much too sophisticated. Musical expertise is indispensable. 

MIB Wind Ensemble?

New to me. And I do not know what MIB stands for. But what I do know, is that these are all seasoned soloists. Mostly hand-picked Italian musicians playing or having played in prestigious orchestras. Brief bios are given, but listeners may want to find out more on the internet. I for one have hugely enjoyed all of it, and I wasn’t sitting at my kitchen dining table. This is best listened to in the intimacy of your preferred listening room.

Check it out.

Blangy-le-Château, Normandy, France.

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Adrian Quanjer is a site reviewer at HRAudio, with many years of experience in classical music. He writes from his country retreat at Blangy-le-Château, France. As a regular concertgoer, he prefers listening to music in the highest possible resolution to recreate similar involvement at home. He is eager to share his thoughts with like-minded melomaniacs at NativeDSD.