Sacred Trance Music from Taos Mountain

Dear Friends,

Sacred Trance Music from Taos Mountain” invites us into the magical world of Habib Chishti, Sufi master and singer.  Habib, (Patrick Arthur Lee) was born into a Jewish and Catholic home.  He lived primarily in Taos, New Mexico, from 13 years of age.  When one meets Habib today, one sees a huggable bear of a man sharing the infectious twinkle in his eye.  He looks like a wandering ascetic on a Himalayan path, yet well fed.  His all-encompassing affection for humanity and the world helps one appreciate Habib’s multiple religious backgrounds.   

Habib has been practicing Hinduism and Sufism for over forty years, and was recognized as a Shaykh, or teacher, in the Chishti Sufi lineage.  Part of Habib’s mission as a teacher and Shaykh is identifying and sharing the core similarities between religious traditions in order to encourage friendships and collaboration.  Habib lives his life as a seeker of truth, no matter whether he is perceived as Jewish, Catholic, Hindu, Agnostic, or Muslim.   

Track one includes two cycles of the Hanuman Chalisa, a Hindu hymn to the monkey-god Hanuman.  Track two includes two cycles of a Sufi dhikr, or meditative chant, designed to engender a mystical union with God.  I hope you enjoy!

Written by

Bob Attiyeh

Bob Attiyeh is Producer and Recording Engineer of Yarlung Records


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